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Video: Changing from C to LM Potencies

Bill Gray, MD, DHt.

Potency and potency protocols are the preoccupation of all beginning homeopaths, and there are many technical details elucidated by experienced homeopaths. This webinar will compare 35 years of clinical experience using C-potencies and 15 current years using LM-potencies, including a 5 year period of pitfalls and making the transition.

Bill Gray
Bill Gray, MD, DHt.

I graduated from Stanford Medical School with an MD, and did my internship at a local county hospital. During my training, I realized that allopathic medicine was ineffective in truly curing chronic disease, and toxic to boot! Reflecting on a few cases who responded “inexplicably” to alternative medicines, I explored various alternative medicines and came across homeopathy. I closed my medical practice and moved to Greece for 3 ½ years to study with George Vithoulkas. I was the first foreign graduate of the Athenian School of Homeopathy.

I have now been practicing Classical Homeopathy for 49 year, authored Homeopathy: Science or Myth? and have also edited/ “ghost-wrote” Vithoulkas’ Science of Homeopathy. In my career, I have lectured for years in homeopathic schools throughout the world and co-founded the Hahnemann College in Berkeley, CA. I represented North America at Hahnemann’s Bicentennial Celebration in Munich and was the first recipient of the annual Henry Williams Award for Service to the Community.

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