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Homeopathy School International (HSI) welcomes anyone interested in the improvement of health through the study of Homeopathy. Our faculty provide a personalized educational experience leading to professional certification and a homeopathic career. 

Homeopathy courses at HSI draw from a balanced blend of historical data and modern innovations. While our students engage with the traditional values of homeopathy, contemporary aspects of the course work prepare for a present-day homeopathy practice.

Based at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA, HSI offers tutor supported and online homeopathic education. HSI is a founding member of the Council of Homeopathy Schools and Colleges and the first accredited distance education homeopathy school in the US.


Become a Professional Homeopathic Practitioner

If you are interested in becoming a professional homeopath, completing the program will equip you to enter the profession as an independent practitioner of Classical Homeopathy. If you are working in healthcare and would like to expand your expertise with homeopathy, the program will provide you with a professional level of homeopathic skill to add to your practice.

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How can Classical Homeopathy Help your PMS: Insights from Two Studies

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can be a challenging condition for women and adolescents, characterized by a range of physical and emotional symptoms during the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle. In the pursuit of effective PMS management, classical homeopathy has emerged as a potential holistic approach. This article provides concise summaries of two studies that delve into the efficacy of classical homeopathy in addressing PMS, shedding light on its potential benefits.

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Homeopathy for Head Injuries: A Pathway to Healing

Head injuries can really change a person’s life. According to the CDC, over 1.5 million people the United States alone experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year. About 75% of them have a “mild” traumatic brain injury (MTBI), commonly known as concussions. Don’t let the term “mild” fool you though, as they can have significant consequences, leaving people with lasting impairments and disabilities. The severity of a head injury can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe depending on the symptoms and how serious it is. The most common causes of head injuries are falls, motor vehicle accidents, and sports-related incidents. Head injuries can have lasting effects on individuals in the long term. Depending on the severity and location of the injury, there are various ways in which these effects may show up. Cognitive abilities can be affected, leading to issues like memory loss, difficulty concentrating, or slower thinking. Emotional and behavioral changes are also common, such as mood swings, feelings of depression or anxiety, and increased irritability. Physical symptoms like persistent headaches, dizziness, and problems with balance may persist. In some cases, individuals may develop neurological disorders or experience difficulties with motor skills, coordination, or speech.

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Homeopathy for Acute Allergies

April showers bring May flowers and often the uncomfortable symptoms of seasonal allergies. Instead of reaching for over-the-counter antihistamines, get to the root of the problem by choosing a homeopathic medicine instead. Homeopathy can relieve the symptoms of allergies based on the foremost principle of Homeopathy – Similia similibus curentur: “Let likes be cured with like.” Since allergies are often a chronic condition, it will take the skill of a professional homeopath to eradicate them, but when acute symptoms match, the following remedies can be helpful:

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