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Homeopathy School International (HSI) welcomes applications from anyone interested in the improvement of health through the study of Homeopathy. Our engaged faculty provide a personalized educational experience leading to professional certification and a homeopathic careerHomeopathy courses at HSI draw from a balanced blend of historical data and modern innovations. While our students connect to the traditional values of homeopathy with source materials dating to the 1800’s, contemporary aspects of the course work prepare them for a present-day homeopathy practice.

Based at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA, the Homeopathy School International offers access to quality homeopathic education worldwide. HSI is a founding member of the Council of Homeopathy Schools and Colleges and the first accredited distance education school in the US. We invite you to join us.

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  • Start your studies at any time from any location in the world.
  • Study Classical Homeopathy in-depth from historical and contemporary perspectives.
  • Join guided live case discussions with fellow students while addressing multiple homeopathic techniques and strategies.
  • Experience hands-on clinical work with personal case supervision by nationally certified faculty (CCH).
  • Benefit from clinical expertise and case supervision while you transition to your homeopathic practice.
  • Acquire the educational prerequisites and clinical hours needed for national certification with the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC).
  • Open your professional homeopathic practice, built on the solid foundation of HSI’s flexible educational program.

Become a Professional Homeopathic Practitioner

If you are interested in becoming a professional homeopath, completing these courses will equip you to enter the profession as an independent practitioner of classical homeopathy. If you are working in healthcare and would like to expand your expertise with homeopathy, these courses will provide you with a professional level of homeopathic skill to add to your practice.

An HSI Graduate shares her experience of becoming a Homeopath.

The instructor is extremely knowledgeable about homeopathy and her enthusiasm and dedication to the profession is admirable. The examples she used from her own practice were very helpful. It is great to experience the clinical work and be involved in the actual selection of rubrics and remedies.
Student Evaluation

Recent Newsletters

Activities in May at HSI

Help the Children Free Webinar – Taking the Child’s Case The webinar with Jody Shevins, CCH, DHANP has been met with great enthusiasm, and we have received a number of requests to make it available again. See our FREE webinar page. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom: HSI Students mark your calendars for the upcoming Zoom Sessions with:

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Our Healing Roots

As spring comes along with the large variety of perennial flowers beginning to bloom, I think of how their roots have lasted and grown, keeping them strong and flourishing throughout their years. I think of how some plants serve the purpose to be beautiful to look at, while others can heal and soothe. As a

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Happy April!

April will mean different things to different people, but all these things tend to have one thing in common: the season of new beginnings. The beginning of spring may vary with location but what we see here in Colorado are fresh buds blooming, animals waking up and baby animals being born. The earth seems to

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Free Zoom – Helping the Children

Free Webinar: Taking the Child’s Case – Infants to Teens Thursday, March 24, 202205:00 PM to 6.30PM MST (US and Canada), 7.00 to 8.30 PM EST Register in advance for this Zoom session:–qpzgoE9OSmc19_JlUqt_CiuyuJsQW Did You Know? The first person to win a Nobel Prize in medicine, Emil von Behring (1890), discovered the tetanus and diphtheria

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While February maybe the shortest month of the year…

HSI is not short on learning opportunities with much expertise to offer. In addition to completing your course work with the support of faculty and your CHC certified case supervisors, the school is offering Zoom meetings for student support as well as online Case Study Groups. Our Campfire Zoom sessions give students the opportunity to

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What are you celebrating in January 2022?

After celebrating with champagne on New Year’s Eve, January 1st is known to be National Hang-over day, and may not only call for Bloody Mary’s. A homeopathic remedy could really save the day. The most popular remedy for this kind of situation is Nux Vomica. It has been known to help with the after effects

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