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  • Start your studies at any time from any location in the world.
  • Experience personal supervision for your assignments and case work.
  • Join guided live case discussions and solve cases online.
  • Study with faculty and supervisors nationally certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC).
  • Benefit from clinical supervision while you start your homeopathic practice.
  • Earn the required didactic and clinical hours for CHC national certification.
  • Open your professional homeopathic practice, built on the solid foundation of HSI’s flexible educational program.

Homeopathy School International (HSI) welcomes anyone interested in the improvement of health through the study of Homeopathy. Our faculty provide a personalized educational experience leading to professional certification and a homeopathic career. 

Homeopathy courses at HSI draw from a balanced blend of historical data and modern innovations. While our students engage with the traditional values of homeopathy, contemporary aspects of the course work prepare for a present-day homeopathy practice.

Based at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA, HSI offers tutor supported and online homeopathic education. HSI is a founding member of the Council of Homeopathy Schools and Colleges and the first accredited distance education homeopathy school in the US.


Become a Professional Homeopathic Practitioner

If you are interested in becoming a professional homeopath, completing the program will equip you to enter the profession as an independent practitioner of Classical Homeopathy. If you are working in healthcare and would like to expand your expertise with homeopathy, the program will provide you with a professional level of homeopathic skill to add to your practice.

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The Essence of Chocolate

Chocolate. Silky, smooth, soothing, and delicious. Bitter and dark, sweet or made with milk. Truffles, tarts, cake, bars, candies, sauce, fondue, syrup, cookies, and the list goes on. Since at least 450 AD, people have consumed chocolate, and today the global chocolate industry is worth almost $128 billion dollars. Around the world, 7.5 million tons of chocolate were consumed in 2022, and the demand is growing. In the United States, 58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased during the week before Valentine’s Day each year, including about 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. This holiday celebrates love. And chocolate is a symbol of love. As a delicious treat, chocolate is loved by many. In some, the desire for chocolate can be an overpowering addiction.

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Dancing in the Dark

Can you guess the homeopathic remedy? I hadn’t intended to stay out late, but the joy of traveling is leaving yourself open to the unexpected. So even though I was exhausted from the flight, had yet to shower or change my clothes, I heard the music and knew I had to follow it. I was

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The Vital Force

The Vital Force is the unseen animating force that brings life to the body, maintaining a state of homeostasis and doing all the ridiculously complicated life processes behind the scenes while we go about our day. This force clearly possesses a certain level of intelligence (although likely not an intellect, as it were) and is autonomous in relation to our conscious mind, although being embedded within the same system, is undeniably influenced by, and influences, that system as a whole.

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