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Calcarea phos

Excerpted from the book “Keynotes and Characteristics” by H. C. Allen

  • Ailments from grief, disappointed love (Aur., Ign., Phos. ac.).
  • Girls at puberty, tall, growing rapidly, tendency of bone to soften or spine to curve (Ther.).
  • Headache of school-girls with diarrhoea (Nat. m., Psor.).
  • At puberty; acne in anaemic girls with vertex headache and flatulent dyspepsia, > by eating.
  • Involuntary sighing (Ign.).
  • Calcarea phos. children: emaciated, unable to stand; slow in learning to walk (Cal., Sil.); sunken, flabby abdomen.
  • Fontanelles and sutures remain open too long, or close and reopen; delayed or complicated teething.
  • During dentition with diarrhoea and great flatulence.
  • Spine weak, disposed to curvatures, especially to the left, unable to support body, neck weak, unable to support head (Abrot.).
  • Feels complaints more when thinking about them (Helon., Ox. ac.).
  • Non-union of bones (after broken); promotes callous (Symph.).
  • Rheumatism of cold weather; getting well in spring and returning in autumn.
  • At every attempt to eat, colic pains in abdomen.
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