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Terrible Cough with Sleeplessness

“My 25 year-old daughter came for a visit and reported that she had contracted a very severe cough. Her throat felt tight and dry, then a tickle would start each cough episode. She reported that she hadn’t slept for two nights because of it. It really bothered her the most at night. She decided to spend the night at my house and go to bed early.

Sure enough, as soon as she got in bed, the cough began. It was loud and deep and sounded like a bark, kind of like a seal barking. I took out my homeopathic remedy kit, took out one pellet of the homeopathic remedy Spongia 30 C and diluted it in one tablespoon full of water. I went into her room and she took this tablespoon full of the homeopathic dilution one time. As I left and turned out the light, I heard one single feeble sounding cough and didn’t hear a peep for the rest of the night.

My daughter slept soundly through the night and awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. The cough never returned. It was quite remarkable, how one single dose of a homeopathic remedy resolved the cough for good.”

HSI Staff

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Barbara Seideneck

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