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Beat the Holiday Blues

HSI Newsletter December 2010

While it’s so much fun to celebrate with family and friends, the holidays can also pose a bit of a challenge. After shopping, cleaning house, decorating and cooking, a lot is already accomplished. Without time to rest from excitement and hurry we keep going – getting into pies, ice cream, coffee, wines and of course lots of chocolate.

Oops, still so much to do and now the stomach is rebelling and the first sniffles are not a good sign. Fortunately, homeopathic remedies can help with the extra stress of the holidays or residues of over-indulging and over-exerting.

Homeopathic remedies have the reputation to work like “magic bullets” which of course come in handy at times like this. Keep in mind that most remedies work best when the symptoms listed in the remedy match the individual symptoms of the person. 

If in need, take a look at the remedies below, and rather than trying them for a general condition (like stomach upset), take other symptoms into account (like stomach upset plus shivering from cold and wanting fresh air).

Being overly stressed and anxious:

Aconite: Could be called “Homeopathic Valium” and is good for any panicky feeling that comes on suddenly, and with restlessness. The person is a lot thirstier than usual.

Argent-nit.: Is the consummate anxiety remedy. Use this when you see a lot of “What ifs”: “What if the plane crashes? What if I get a headache? What if I don’t like the food? What if the turkey doesn’t cook in time?” The person may be pacing; they are so afraid about being late (with everything) and have a tendency to nervous diarrhea.

Calc-carb: People needing this remedy are always overly worried about their loved ones and their families. Their constant worry is amplified during the holidays. Everything has to be perfect, and they take on too much work which really tires them out. The result is coldness, clammy hands and feet, sluggishness, perspiration on the head or neck, sour eructations and heart burn.

“Hangover” from Sweets, Alcohol or over-eating:

GelsemiumMay really work well when someone has over-done it with heavy cream and ice cream. Think of this remedy when the sickness comes on just before the person has to be in a play or sing in public. The person feels very sluggish, heavy and can also feel dizzy. The state is almost like apathy; everything is answered with “Huh?” There can be chills running up and down the back, headaches that usually come from the neck and radiate to the forehead, and are worse at 10:00 AM. Very characteristic symptoms are terrible heaviness, headaches better after urinating, and thirstlessness.

Ipecacuanha: Indicated for ailments from over-eating fatty, rich foods. The continuous, incapacitating nausea is NOTbetter from vomiting. There may be excessive salivation and a sinking feeling in the stomach; the stomach may also feel overly relaxed as if it is hanging down. Very typical of this remedy is that the person can absolutely not stand the smell of food.

Nux Vomica: Is a good first-choice remedy when someone has eaten too much, has had too much rich fatty food or experiences a serious hang-over. The hang-over can be a result of too much or the wrong kind of alcohol, too much sugar, caffeine or fatty foods. The symptoms include extreme irritability, hyper-sensitivity (noise, sound and odors), vertigo, nausea, hiccuping, vomiting and headaches. The vertigo may feel like the brain is bruised and like it is turning in a circle. The headaches are usually at the base of the skull or over the eyes. The person feels like thay need to vomit but can’t, and are very chilly with a strong desire for warmth.

Argentum Nitricum, Lycopodium, and Phosphorus are all good remedies for feeling sick from overdoing sweets. Argentum Nit. is a well indicated remedy when the burping is so loud that everyone knows about it and when the bloating does not get any better after burping. The person usually feels hot. You would think of Lycopodium when the person has a lot of bloating and burping after eating sweets, and feels better after they burp. When someone is nauseous from eating sweets, craves ice cold drinks and then feels sicker after the liquid has entered the stomach, you would consider Phosphorus.

Ledum Palustre: This is a hangover remedy for someone who has had too much hard liquor and now suffers from a raging, throbbing headache which is worse by anything covering the head. The person is chilly but feels worse from heat, even just the warmth in bed.

Dosing Homeopathic Remedies:

 30C potencies are readily available in health food stores. A general method used with acute problems is to add several pellets in a glass with 4 oz. of filtered water.  After the pellets have dissolved, the water is stirred vigorously. Remedies can be taken by teaspoon and repeated as needed. Usually remedies are stopped as soon as a slight improvement is experienced. Stir or shake before sipping. A sip or swallow is a dose. Repeat the remedy as needed.

At any time when serious problems persist, make sure to consult your physician. When home-help remedies don’t give the desired relief, please consult with a professional homeopath.

Barbara Seideneck

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