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Ruta and Rest – A Horse-Owner’s Cure with Homeopathy

HSI Newsletter October 2010

Newsletter article submitted by Nina, Montana, USA

I use homeopathic remedies on my horses, and always marvel at the results I get. Anything from a chronic cough to an allergic reaction to lameness has been resolved with the help of homeopathic remedies on all of my horses.

My horse, Boom, is an eight-year-old Thoroughbred. I have owned her for five years. Boom lives a healthy, natural lifestyle. To the best of my resources, I provide her an environment similar to that of wild horses. She has never been shod, instead I maintain a natural barefoot trim. Barefoot, I believe, is the foundation to a sound horse. Boom does not have any previous history of lameness.


This past August, four weeks prior to when we were scheduled to compete at the Regional Dressage Show, Boom became lame in her right hind leg. I could neither pinpoint the problem (there was no swelling or heat) nor do I know what caused it. It was a minor lameness, therefore I hoped it was only a strained muscle that would heal quickly with rest. I gave her four days off from training and administered Arnica Montana 30C three times per day for four days. On the fifth day following her injury, I rode her lightly and she was not showing any signs of lameness. The next day she came up lame again. Rest obviously helped her, but maybe I had started riding her again too soon.

I decided to give her eight days off, a rather anxious wait for me with regionals only three weeks away. I looked up remedies for strained muscles in my horse homeopathy book and consulted with my homeopath, Barbara Seideneck, and concluded to give Boom Ruta Graveolens 200C one time per day for three days and Arnica Montana 30C three times per day for five days.

Following the eight-day rest period, I began riding again and to my utmost relief and delight, Boom was completely sound! Rest and Ruta cured her! A few days later my horse chiropractor gave her an adjustment, which also helped her. Boom performed successfully at Regional Championships. We placed in the ribbons in all of our classes!

This is just one of many results I have experienced with homeopathic remedies on both my horses and myself. I find it amazing how a few little white pellets can heal miraculously. I feel great knowing I have a healthy, effective alternative to Western medicines and drugs.


From Montana

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