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Arnica in my Backpack

A Homeopathy success story by Sara Anderson

My husband and I were on a bike packing trip in 2021 on the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail that runs 150 miles from Cumberland, Maryland to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Because we were biking from one bed and breakfast to the next, I had all my remedies with me on the bike. My helmet hung from my handlebars, as I usually only cared about wearing it when riding on a street. What I never expected was a fall from my riding partner bumping my bicycle. We were somewhat new to riding ebikes in 2021. I went down in what seemed like slow motion, and my unprotected head hit a log, and the force split open the skin on the side of my forehead.

My first thought was, “Oh, this isn’t good,” and my second was, “Get this bike off me, I need Arnica.” I had that feeling that I needed to vomit, but it passed pretty quickly. I already had dosed the Arnica. I put it in my water bottle, that little 30c, and after icing and resting 20 minutes, I weakly got back on the bike. With my helmet on this time, I proceeded to bike another 30 miles to the bed and breakfast, letting that ebike battery do all the work. That evening as the blood pooled down to my eye, I searched the internet for signs that would indicate that I needed to go to the ER. I had none.

So the next day I got up and rode the next 30 miles to our final destination and even helped drive the car home, which was 9 hours away. It wasn’t until later that I found out that the funny feeling on the top of my head was nerve damage that took 6 months to heal. Hypericum helped with that, but I didn’t stick with it, which is why it took six months.

Without the Arnica, this trip would have been ruined, and I could have lost much more than a vacation. I proceeded to need the Arnica for 2 weeks after that injury. During the second week, I dosed every other day, because if I didn’t, my head didn’t feel right.

What more confirmation do you need that the Arnica worked!

Sara Anderson, HSI Student

Sara Anderson is a second year student at HIS. She first learned of homeopathy from a speaker on an Internet summit after walking past homeopathic remedies in the health food store for 30 years. She began studying and using homeopathy eight years ago, and she has found it to be the most powerful healing modality she has ever used. She is a wife, mother of three and grandmother of two. She and her pastor husband have been married for 46 years. Her lifelong love for bicycling was catapulted to passion when she and her husband acquired e-bikes. She maintains an orchard, vegetable and flower garden at her Illinois home in the country. She is retired from a career in forensic drug chemistry, where a coworker predicted that in retirement she would be solving people’s health problems.

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