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A poem by Sara Anderson

Grandpa loved a good steak,
But it made his big toe ache.
It throbbed and was worse when he moved,
No way could his foot be used.

Grandma wanted to cheer him,
She picked a rose to uplift him.
The smell made him sick he said,
Remove this rose from my bed!

What can be done for my gout?
My toe is red, swollen he did shout.
What can be done for this pain?
My gout may drive me insane.

Dear husband let me give you a remedy,
Let’s see if it helps your extremity.
It’s good for your gas,
That you are unable to pass,
And gout it is known to harass.

What is this miracle cure?
Can it fix my nausea too?
Colchicum a pretty spring flower
Will set all your wrongs anew.

Three times he tried the crocus,
With little hope for relief.
To his delight the toe pain subsided,
And erased all his firm unbelief.

Sara Anderson, HSI Student

Sara Anderson is a second year student at HIS. She first learned of homeopathy from a speaker on an Internet summit after walking past homeopathic remedies in the health food store for 30 years. She began studying and using homeopathy eight years ago, and she has found it to be the most powerful healing modality she has ever used. She is a wife, mother of three and grandmother of two. She and her pastor husband have been married for 46 years. Her lifelong love for bicycling was catapulted to passion when she and her husband acquired e-bikes. She maintains an orchard, vegetable and flower garden at her Illinois home in the country. She is retired from a career in forensic drug chemistry, where a coworker predicted that in retirement she would be solving people’s health problems.

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