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The Basic Code of the Universe

July 2014 Newsletter
Massimo Citro, MD.

basiccodeI couldn’t help but love this book, every bit of it. Be prepared for one “Wow” and “Ah-ha” moment after another. For those interested, or those immersed in the study of homeopathy and anyone skeptical about energetic medicine this mind- altering book is a great read. The topic is not specifically homeopathy but as soon as you start reading you realize that much of what Dr. Citro relates in his book is very familiar from the homeopathic perspective. Then, just a few pages into the book the word “homeopathy” appears in almost every chapter

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ervin Laszlo contributed the foreword for the book. Massimo Citro, MD, Italian psychotherapist and originator of Pharmacological Frequency Transfer (TFF), a system of vibrational medicine, draws on decades of international research.

“This basic code directs not only physical development and behavior but also energetic communication and interactions among all living and non-living things.”  – Cover Sleeve

Citro’s book identifies a large body of historical and contemporary work by numerous individuals and teams that concluded there is, indeed, a basic code of essential data that defines the field of substance.

I highly recommend this book. It is fascinating, lovely to read, and opens doors to the magic of our world explained through the work of scientists.

Reviewed by Barbara Seideneck, CHom., CCH
Director, Homeopathy School International

HSI Staff

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