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Seminars on DVD

Boulder Seminar Series with International Homeopaths

Each of the seminars listed below comes on high-quality DVDs and each is available for rental separately: $125.00 for 6 weeks.

Anne Schadde

Anne Schadde – Germany

The Sensations in Plants

Anne Schadde, HP, a world-renowned European homeopath utilizes video cases and follow-ups to demonstrate the Sankaran Vital Sensation Method in the treatment of challenging cases. Materia medica is facilitated with colorful power point presentations.

To rent this seminar on 5 High-Quality DVDs click here.

Alastair Gray

Alastair Gray – Australia

Case Conference

Do you have a case you are struggling with? Be inspired watching Alastair as he works with your difficult cases. Draw from his experience and unique approach to case analysis. Benefit from Alastair’s 18 years of practicing homeopathy and his years of training homeopaths around the globe.

To rent this seminar on 5 High-Quality DVDs click here.

The Art of Case Taking: Finding Reliable Evidence

Alastair Gray, an experienced practicing Australian homeopath and world lecturer, provides hands-on experience for effective case taking and case analysis.

To rent this seminar on 5 High-Quality DVDs, click here.

Kim Elia

Kim EliaUSA

The Acid Remedies

Kim Elia, an inspiring homeopath, explores the mental, emotional and physical characteristics of the acid remedies. Cases, materia medica, as well as complementary and similar remedies are presented in this stimulating seminar.

To rent this complete seminar on 5 High-Quality DVDs click here.

Mahesh Gandhi

Mahesh Gandhi, MD – India

Stress, Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Mahesh Gandhi, MD, an experienced homeopathic psychiatrist of the Sankaran School, shares his vast expertise, using homeopathy to treat mental/emotional complaints such as depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, epilepsy and schizophrenia through video and follow-up cases.

Available for rental: $125.00 for 6 weeks

To rent this complete seminar on 5 High-Quality DVDs click here.

Anne Schadde

Juergen Weiland

Anne Schadde and Juergen Weiland

Childhood and Homeopathy, Healthy Mental and Physical Development

Straight from their successful European lecture circuit, Anne Schadde and Juergen Weiland present a seminar on homeopathic treatment for the development of healthy children: body, mind and soul. Through video cases drawn from their rich experience they present a vivid and illuminating seminar blending homeopathy, Anthroposophy and child psychology. Rajan Sankaran’s Vital Sensation Method is applied in the treatment of challenging cases.

To rent this complete seminar on 5 High-Quality DVDs click here.

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