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A Case by Erastus C. Case, MD

A widow, slender, dark hair and eyes; a nervous fretful individual. Facial neuralgia, beginning above the right temple, extends downward over the face, especially below the eye and on the right side of the nose.

Face is sensitive to touch with the pain.
Slight pressure will bring on the pain when absent.
Circumscribed redness of the cheek with the pain.

These sensations are described:
A crawling ticking like a clock, burning like fire; hot needles running through the face; fine threads through the face drawn tightly.

The neuralgia is an old enemy and she has suffered from this for many weeks at a time under allopathic treatment.

June 1, 1890. Capsicum annuun 1 M Boericke and Tafel, four powders in one day is given.
June 29, 1890 She has no pain for more than a week. The soreness has gone from the face.
July 14, 1890 She has been overworked and the pain returned two days ago, but less severely. Causticum annuum 1 M Fincke, one powder.

She has not had a return of neuralgia since then, two years later.

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