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Practitioner Certificate - Foundations Courses

The Practitioner Certificate courses are open to anyone interested in studying homeopathy on a professional level. Completion of the four courses (HSI 101, 102, 201, and 202) will give you the qualifications to enter the profession as an independent practitioner of classical homeopathy. 

If you are a physician or a healthcare practitioner and would like to expand your expertise with homeopathy, this training will provide you with professional homeopathic skills to add to your practice.

Studying at home in the backyardYou can study at any time, from any location worldwide. Regardless of your location, you have access to the study of homeopathy with the school’s cutting edge, integrated curriculum, expert faculty and tutor support. Our flexible program allows you to fit your studies to your personal schedule and become a professional homeopath.

Upon graduation you will receive the Practitioner Certificate (CHom). HSI certification stands for the achievement of a professional level of competency in the art and science of homeopathy. Completion of the program also satisfies the 500 hours of preparation in the theory and foundations of homeopathy required by the nationally accredited Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC). Link 

I would really like to thank you for all the nice and encouraging feed back on my work and for returning the assignments so quickly. I am so glad I chose this program. I really enjoy it and will recommend it to anyone who is interested in Homeopathy. Great instructors and material that is interesting and challenging!

Irene Grifantini, CHom, HSI graduate

Foundations Courses

All courses require:

  • Access to a computer with MS Word software
  • Access to equipment capable of playing DVDs or USB flash drives
  • Access to reliable email and Internet services
  • Competency in spoken and written English 

The four courses:

  • HSI 101 – Foundations in Homeopathy
  • HSI 102 – Intermediate Foundations in Homeopathy
  • HSI 201 – Clinical Applications A
  • HSI 202 – Clinical Applications B
Each course is scheduled to be completed within 6 months. 

Instructional Support

As soon as you have enrolled, support faculty will contact you with information to help you get started. Feedback for your assignments and supervision for your cases are provided by nationally certified homeopaths (CHC). Written assignments and case work are submitted by email. Support faculty and case supervisors are available by phone, text or email to answer questions.

Course Materials (per course):

Course Materials for each course are shipped by priority mail at the beginning of each course and include:

  • Syllabus: an outline of lectures topics, assignments and learning outcomes
  • 90 hours of digitally recorded classroom lectures and clinics
  • Practice activities and articles on homeopathy
  • Webinars and seminars
  • Self-checks, quizzes and a final test (open book)

I feel the curriculum flows nicely. I love how detailed the handouts are and that they are in order with the DVDs. I find it very easy to make notes and follow along. I appreciate the real life examples and what the instructors share about their own cases.

Tricia Cole, HSI student

Foundations Courses Outline

HSI 101 and HSI 102 (250 hours)

  • History, theory and treatment techniques of homeopathy.
  • Application of homeopathic remedies for first aid, acute and chronic treatment.
  • Practice with homeopathic reference tools.
  • Case taking skills for acute and chronic conditions.
  • Case analysis methods for acute and chronic conditions.
  • Analysis of video-recorded clinic and student cases
  • Special topic seminar with an international instructor
  • “Hot topic” webinars and zoom sessions 
  • Written work supported by nationally certified homeopaths (CHC)
  • Case work supervised by nationally certified homeopaths (CHC)

Review the list of required textbooks.

HSI 201 and HSI 202 (425 hours)

  • Observation and analysis of cases digitally recorded at the schools’ clinic 
  • Application of homeopathic remedies for chronic conditions  
  • Advanced homeopathic topics
  • Digitally recorded seminars with international instructors
  • “Hot topic” webinars and zoom sessions   
  • Clinic, student case work and written assignments guided by nationally certified homeopaths (CHC).

Review the list of required textbooks


Course number Content Tuition
HSI 101
5 modules – 125 hours
$2,800 (US)
HSI 102
5 modules – 125 hours
$2,800 (US)
HSI 201
5 modules – 225 hours
$2,800 (US)
HSI 202
5 modules – 200 hours
$2,800 (US)


The cost of required books is estimated at $400 to $500 (US funds); the purchase of additional or recommended books and homeopathic software increases expenses. In addition to the tuition, there is a $200 (US) deposit for the digital course content. The deposit is refunded upon return of the DVDs/USB flash drive. All materials are copyrighted and the sole property of the Homeopathy School International.

This program is terrific. I’m glad I chose this school. I’ve recommended it to a lot of others who are interested in studying homeopathy.

Student Evaluation

Advanced Clinical Studies (ACS)

ACS requires:

  • Access to a computer with MS Word software
  • Access to reliable email and Internet services
  • Competency in spoken and written English

ACS is open to graduates with 500 hours of documented education in Classical Homeopathy. To enter the program applicants are required to pass a Case Analysis test and submit a written case, taken and analyzed by the applicant. Applicants may be asked to take a pre-requisite course or courses if their case analysis skills are not sufficient to succeed in the Advanced Clinical Studies.

The Advanced Clinical Studies fulfills the clinical observation and analysis requirements for certification with the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC). 

ACS provides:

  • Case supervision by CHC certified homeopaths for student cases
  • Extensive observation and analysis opportunities through online instruction
  • Exposure to a variety of case taking and analysis techniques by renowned homeopaths
  • A substantial study guide to help prepare for the CHC exam
  • Successful participants receive the certificate in Advanced Clinical Studies


ACS Tuition $3,400 (US)

The cost of required books is estimated at $100-200.

I have really enjoyed the process of case supervision and got a lot out of it! I have valued your precision, guidance and insights. I feel different today compared to two years ago. You have been a huge piece of this. Thank you for all of your care.

Karen M. Diefenbach, Homeopathic Consultant, NYS LMT, RYT, HSI Advanced Studies graduate

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning is young.
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