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The Only Homeopathy School in East Africa

Kenya School for Integrated Medicine

Kwale, Kenya

kenyaschoolhomeopathyThe beginnings

Around nine years ago, a Dutch homeopath moved to Kenya and decided to open a homeopathy school, the first of its kind in Kenya and most of Africa. The school is now offering a four year diploma program in homeopathy and also Nutrition and Community Health programs.


Since 2015, the school has been in partnership with the local Ministry of Health to support public health initiatives in the country through the inclusion of Integrated Medicine. Therefore, our programs are steered toward graduates of the school working in the community, and we are starting new homeopathic clinics in areas where there is a need for extra medical services. We are also supporting local community health units and are planning to develop a digital health information system to support data collection and health policy. This last innovation is on the cutting edge of developing more accurate health information systems in various parts of the world. This partnership and the whole project is being sponsored by the European Union as part of eight world-wide public health projects.

For homeopathy and our school to be accepted and included as part of an European Union project and for us to directly partner with the Ministry of Health in our country is a major achievement and a very exciting development for homeopathy. Part of the overall aim of the project is to get homeopathy fully accepted and regulated on a national level so that trained homeopaths can work in government hospitals and clinics. A new health bill of 2015 has included Complementary and Alternative Medicines as part of its goal but it still needs to be fully implemented. In the meantime, we are moving ahead in our country and bringing homeopathy to as many people as possible.

kenyaschoolstudentsNew Programs

In January we are starting a new homeopathy program and will be also completing our nutrition program and community health program before we take another group of students in May 2017.

Consider supporting our program

We very much need financial support to continue all our work, including having a Study Fund to help support student’s tuition. If you would like to support us, please go to the following sites so that you can give to our great cause. Thanks very much.

Richard Pitt CCH
Educational Director, Kenya School for Integrated Medicine


Please look at the following information on how to donate to the school. Tax deductible donations can be made whether you live in Continental Europe, the United Kingdom or the United States.

The 4Kenya Trust Kenya, is a Kenyan registered charity, which is funded and supported through the Dutch registererd charity, Stichting 4Kenia.

Donating in Continental Europe

You can contribute directly through the site using the information given. All donations go through the dutch charity, Stichting 4Kenia. (Different countries within the EU may have their own tax situation).

Donation for our Dutch Foundation: Stichting 4Kenia
We are a Dutch Tax approved ANBI organization: ANBI 4Kenia
Bank: ABN-AMRO, account number: (Amsterdam)
Address: Van Polanenpark 43, 2241 SE – Wassenaar – The Netherlands

Donating in the United Kingdom

Donations are processed through the Homeopathic Action Trust. If in the UK, then the following information can be used.

If you are a UK donor eligible for Gift Aid:

For donations (up to £250) please use the online card facility. Gift aid is automatically added to BT donate donations.

Donating in the United States

For donating and receiving tax deductions for your contribution please go to this site: http://pihma-fpre.org/giving-2. Go to the donate button at bottom of page (not the one on the right)

Where it states purpose, please put – 4kenya Trust. (That ensures the donation goes to us)
Put in the specified amount of your donation and choose to pay via paypal or credit card. A letter notifying your contribution will be sent to you. Ensure you put a billing address there.


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