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Homeopathic Treatment

When you see a homeopathic practitioner for the first time, you may notice that the consultation is quite different from a usual doctor’s appointment. A homeopathic practitioner pays close attention to your specific physical and emotional concerns and assesses your health in terms of a wide variety of factors. Besides hearing questions precisely focused on specific information about your physical complaint, you may encounter questions that seem to be totally unrelated. You may be asked aobut your childhood and upbringing, about life-style habits, how you respond to weather, foods you like and foods you are sensitive to, how different times of day and seasons affect you, questions about your digestion, your perspiration and a lot more.

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Homeopathic treatment is most effective when a homeopathic remedy, rather than addressing an isolated symptom, can trigger a response in the whole body. This is why the homeopathic consultation aims at getting as much information about a person as possible. The goal of homeopathic treatment is to stimulate the self-healing capability of the body, which then strengthens the immune system as a whole. As we know now, a vital immune system can deal with many health issues and restore health.

Homeopathic treatment recognizes each person’s unique state of health and addresses each particular condition with a personally matched homeopathic remedy. An initial homeopathic consultation usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours. The homeopath’s thorough understanding of how YOUexperience your symptoms is the basis of successful treatment. You may receive a homeopathic remedy at the conclusion of your consultation or a little later after the homeopath has reviewed the patients records and selected the most effective remedy.

When it comes to acute complaints, the beneficial effects of a remedy are often immediate. Long-term (chronic) complaints may require several visits to the homeopath. Homeopathic follow-up evaluations usually take 30 – 40 minutes and are scheduled at 2 – 4 week intervals. Between visits homeopaths often like to keep in touch with their clients by phone or email to observe the healing process unfold.

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