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Advanced Clinical Studies

Is this for me?

Open to graduates with 500 hours of documented education in Classical Homeopathy. To enter the program applicants are required to pass the HSI Final Case Analysis test and submit a written case, taken and analyzed by the applicant. Applicants may be asked to take a perquisite course or courses if their case analysis skills are not sufficient to succeed in the Advanced Clinical Studies.

The Advanced Clinical Studies will fulfill the clinical hour requirement for the national certification with the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC),

What do I get?

The Advanced Clinical Studies provides case supervision from a CHC certified homeopath, on-line case observation and analysis hours and a substantial study guide to prepare for the CHC exam.

Successful participants receive the certificate in Advanced Clinical Studies and a transcript documenting completed clinical and supervision hours.

What will I study?

Course Content Outline:

  • Individual case supervision for 10 cases and 20 follow-ups
  • Online casework
  • Review and practice tests of homeopathic philosophy
  • Review and practice tests of remedies required for national certification
  • Review and practice tests of human sciences and medical terminology required for national certification
  • Review and practice tests of repertory work
  • HSI Study Guide for the CHC Exam
  • Free Webinars on selected topics
  • Review the list of required textbooks

All courses require:

  • Access to a computer with MS Word software
  • Access to equipment capable of playing DVDs
  • Access to reliable email and Internet services
  • Competency in spoken and written English

I have really enjoyed the process of case supervision and got a lot out of it! I have valued your precision, guidance and insights. I feel different today compared to two years ago. You have been a huge piece of this. Thank you for all of your care.

Karen M. Diefenbach, Homeopathic Consultant, NYS LMT, RYT--HSI Advanced Studies graduate