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China Officinalis

A poem by Jill Dema, HSI student

In the realm of remedies, China Officinalis,

Abbreviated as Chin, a healing apparatus.

First proven in homeopathy’s tender embrace,

A portrait of traits, a therapeutic grace.

Introverted, intense, touchy, and idealistic,

A soul attuned to the world, sensitive and mystic.

Ideal for teenagers, excitable in the night,

Walter Mitty thoughts, a hidden, embarrassed light.

Intestines and liver feel its gentle sway,

Affects the core, where life’s energies play.

Fears animals, a dance with the wild,

Aggravated by fluids lost, nature’s beguiled.

Periodicity marks its rhythmic refrain,

A symphony of symptoms, a recurrent pain.

Foggy, cold, damp weather its bane,

Autumn’s arrival, a chapter of disdain.

Light touches provoke its tender wrath,

Yet with hard pressure, it finds its path.

Anemic hues paint the canvas within,

A portrait of health, struggling to begin.

Bitter tastes linger in the mouth’s embrace,

Bloated and distended, a gasping space.

Rumbling and expelling, relief in gas,

Gallbladder’s story, an ailment alas.

Cravings for sweets, a whispering desire,

A dance with indulgence, a sweetened fire.

Asthma in the fall, a breathless quest,

China Officinalis, a healing zest.

Skin, a canvas, sensitive and sore,

Fever’s touch, a painful encore.

Insomnia creeps in the quiet of the night,

Disturbed by noise, a restless flight.

Malaria’s shadow, a haunting song,

A melody of fever, prolonged and strong.

China Officinalis, in its homeopathic might,

A remedy for ailments, in the healing light.

Jill Dema, HSI student

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