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3 homeopathic remedies for summer adventures outdoors

This article appeared in Healix, Carbondale, Colorado

by Barbara Seideneck, CCH, RSHom (NA)

It’s summertime in the Rockies! The beautiful experience of hiking in the wilderness and biking in high altitude sunshine can sometimes end with unexpected results. An ankle gets twisted, there is a fall with scrapes and bruising or a terrible skin rash occurs from brushing through poison ivy. A small homeopathic emergency kit can be the saving grace when you are hours away from any resources. The magic of a quick acting homeopathic remedy can be mind boggling but very effective and it may save your trip

To carry one remedy, like Arnica, could help many situations. A few tiny globules taken every couple of hours or put into your water bottle will reduce swelling quickly and re-establish regular blood flow. Arnica is an amazing helper for any ailments from falling, accident, shock, sprains, bruises and head injury.

Pack Calendula for bad scrapes and skin burns. For heat rashes, sun poisoning and heat stroke take Apis and Belladonna with you. Apis can also alleviate discomfort from insect bites. It may even reduce allergic reactions. Ledum and Carbolic acid can also ease symptoms from stings and bites.

The contact with poison ivy can be a miserable skin experience for sensitive people. The irritant is present in all of the fifty native species. Rhus Tox can greatly alleviate the symptoms or even help to de-sensitize someone when taken preventatively for 2 two 4 weeks before the summer.

Hopefully you enjoy your trips without any uncomfortable encounters. Have a happy outdoors summer!

Book suggestion: ” The Complete Homeopathy Handbook” by Miranda Castro

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