Homeopathy School International

Health • Education • Career

Accredited by ACHENA • Teaching since 1991


To Provide Exceptional Education
in Classical Homeopathy


  • Dynamic and interactive learning regardless of the setting.
  • Organized, substantive and coherent curricula with defined expected learning outcomes.
  •  A variety of instructional methods engaging students.
  • An integrated hands-on curriculum with gradually increasing complexity.
  • Easy access to faculty and case supervisors in support of a responsive learning environment.
  • Regular assessment, evaluation and student feedback to improve the quality of instruction and student learning.
  • Faculty and case supervisors, staff and professional homeopaths engaged in creating, providing and improving the instructional process.
  • National Certification with the Council of Homeopathic Education.

Programmatic Goals

Goal #1: Provide quality homeopathic education leading to professional practice.

Goal #2: Professionalize the practice of classical homeopathy by educating students to become informed and skilled practitioners of homeopathy.

Educational Objectives

  • Articulate knowledge of the philosophical, theoretical and historical foundations of homeopathy.
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior based on the  Code of Ethics and Patient/ Client Rights within the Health Care Setting by the Council of Homeopathic Certification (CHC).
  • Effectively utilize homeopathic reference tools.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of the homeopathic pharmacopeia and materia medica.
  • Identify and apply the concepts of miasms to homeopathic therapy.
  • Effectively record, analyze and manage cases.
  • Demonstrate the principles and methods of homeopathy through skilled casework.
  • Identify strategies for building a successful practice.