Homeopathy and the Child’s Life Journey

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A recap of the seminar

Anne Schadde and Jurgen Weiland returned to Homeopathy School International to present a two-day online seminar, Homeopathy and the Child’s Life. With over 60 years of combined experience, these homeopaths elucidate the gift in coming to a deeper understanding of what really needs to be cured within our clients. With a background in depth psychology, Rudolph Steiner’s Anthroposophy plus a vast knowledge of materia medica and lesser-known remedies, Schadde and Weiland look behind what the client presents with an unprejudiced eye and see the sensation and expression of what is. Throughout this two-day event, Schadde and Weiland presented multiple cases from their experiences with children and remedies from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

Utilizing Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation Method, themes from each of the kingdoms were explored and lesser- known remedies emerged. This presentation was particularly relevant, as Covid-19 issues were explored, Illustrated by current cases of families and children. This seminar was a valuable resource in supporting children through homeopathy and throughout their lifespan, as well as a teaching tool for sensation method and materia medica. Schadde and Weiland’s warmth, humor and true welcoming spirit inspired discussion and interaction that touched us all – whether students or seasoned practitioners.

Mara Koch, MA, CHom., is a graduate of HSI’s two-year Practitioner Program Program. Mara lives and practices in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. She is currently continuing her studies at HSI with Advanced Clinical Studies and is working towards CHC-Certification in homeopathy.

Comments from other seminar participants:

It was absolutely amazing! Much appreciated!

Juergen and Anne are great! Love their stories, and friendly manner!

I loved the pace and the fact that they are two speakers. It was very well presented and explained. I also liked A LOT that the cases were all very new. Especially in the current pandemic situation it makes a huge difference! This way we can see how things affect people NOW.

Exceeded my expectations!

I’ve gotten an amazing and much needed inspiration for my future work in Homeopathy. It was a wonderful weekend for me!

I really liked the mix of philosophy, cases and personal thoughts and experiences, and talking about remedies. It was an extremely powerful combination – at least for myself. Very holistic and well-fitted in life, meaning that’s what life is: a little bit of everything that needs to be combined and balanced for good results. And I have a lot of “love it” tags by certain thoughts from the presentation, like “if you can’t change something, accept it and embrace it, and it may turn into good instead of harmful”. Many thanks again to both the organizers and presenters!!!

Please consider continuing these type of seminars. Very helpful, I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and experience with us!

Since the turn of the millennium, it has become increasingly necessary to understand people on a deeper level and support their life’s journey. The patterns of life and consequently the patterns of illness often reach back to childhood’s experiences and events. This is why holistic treatment can be especially supportive when we work with children. In this webinar, children’s life stories are presented, including their developmental process, while taking a look at “the journey of the child’s soul”.

This popular German speaker duo has decades of experience in homeopathic treatment. In addition to their treasure of homeopathic expertise, Anne and Juergen also understand how to convey complex philosophical-psychological topics in a simple and lively form. In their dynamic and creative lectures, they guide their listeners through their case presentations and remedy discussions.

Anne Schadde
Anne Schadde, HP

Anne Schadde began to practice homeopathy and psychotherapy in Munich/Germany in 1986. She was one of the founders of the Homeopathy Forum in Gauting/Munich and the European & International Councils for Classical Homeopathy and teaches in Germany and other countries. She has conducted homeopathic provings of Ozone, Lithium carbonicum, Cypraea eglantina (Cowrie-Shell), Lignum aquilaria agallocha (a scented wood), Gingko biloba, some of the provings are published in ‘Listening to Stone, Wood and Shell’ and ‘Seven Tourmalines of the Rainbow; A Study with case samples.
Visit the youtube of her webinar “The Zeitgeist in the Mirror of Homeopathy and Psychology”

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