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Homeopathy and Children

Anne Schadde, HP
Barbara Seideneck, CHom, CCH, RSHom

How do we work with children in a homeopathic consultation? As Homeopaths we strongly rely on verbal information, which often plays the most essential role in case analysis and can also be the main contributor to the remedy choice. Children, especially the very young and often teenagers, are at times not quite able or willing to verbally express themselves. A child may not even know why they need to talk to a person they don’t know, or what they should talk about. In a conversation, Anne Schadde and Barbara Seideneck will explore how children can be approached, how the family situation can be a factor to consider what can be helpful in the practice of homeopathy with children.

Anne Schadde
Anne Schadde, HP

Anne Schadde began to practice homeopathy and psychotherapy in Munich/Germany in 1986. She was one of the founders of the Homeopathy Forum in Gauting/Munich and the European & International Councils for Classical Homeopathy and teaches in Germany and other countries. She has conducted homeopathic provings of Ozone, Lithium carbonicum, Cypraea eglantina (Cowrie-Shell), Lignum aquilaria agallocha (Agarbati/Oud a scented wood), Gingko biloba, provings are published in “Ozone”, “Listening to Stone, Wood and Shell” and
“Seven Tourmalines of the Rainbow; A Study with Case Samples”. 

Barbara Seideneck
Barbara Seideneck, CHom, CCH, RSHom
Barbara Seideneck, CHom, CCH, RSHom is the founder and director of the Homeopathy School International. Barbara has been teaching homeopathy since 1994 with emphasis on case taking, case analysis and case supervision and is since 1997 nationally certified with the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC). She has conducted provings of Amethyst, Aquilegia Vulgaris and Aquilegia Coerulea Columbines, and Emerald. Barbara works in Loveland, Colorado. She has served on the Case-Exam Committee of the CHC and the Board of the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA). She currently serves as the president of the Council of Homeopathic Schools and Colleges (CHSC).

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