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Dreams as Signposts:
Integrating Intuition and Homeopathy

Malcolm Smith, ND

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When: Dec 12, 2020 10:00-11:30 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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What if your client’s Higher Self knew the remedy they needed most? What might your practice look like if you were to add an intuitive process that went hand-in-hand with a well thought-out repertorization?  Combining Homeopathy with dream work can lead to a deep understanding of our client’s state and act as a tool for their self-actualization.

I believe that dreams are a primary form of communication between you and your Inner Self, and prompts us to come into full integrity with the truth of who we are. An essential part of the awakening process is learning to be present with your feelings and not to numb or distract from the upset of uncomfortable emotions.  Dreams can show us places in our life where we have numbed ourselves.

In addition, dreams often present an exaggerated version of a belief or behavior that is currently playing in our psyche, but in a more subtle way.  The dream is asking us to look more closely at something we have been ignoring – something that is out of integrity with who we really are. Join me for this lively meeting in which I address the tenets of dream work as described in my upcoming book, Night School: The Path to Your Heart Encoded in Your Dreams. This session will focus on dream work for homeopaths and give you a sampling of the full 12-week dream study course offered at Night School www.DreamsToHeart.com .

I am thoroughly enjoying Night School. It is exactly what I need, as I look at starting my practice. Honestly, I would say it has been more of a therapy group, with my highest self as therapist. Very valuable process. Thank you! I’m getting clear messages regarding the changes I need to make in my life, as I move forward into this new stage. Of course, I also appreciate learning more about dream interpretation and exploring how that may be of service to clients.
– Mara Koch, student at HSI

Malcolm Smith
Malcolm Smith, ND

Malcolm Smith, ND has a four- year medical degree from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He has been practicing homeopathy for 25 years and specializes in using dreams and homeopathic medicine to bring about the release of limiting beliefs hidden within the psyche. Malcolm’s work supports the process of actualization and the uncovering of the authentic self. Last year he wrote and performed a solo performance piece entitled ātman. He’s getting close to completing writing his book Night School, on which his online dream course is based.

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