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Do you want to learn about a body-friendly
and non-invasive healing system?

If so, homeopathy is for you.

Our courses include the study of natural healing solutions for both psychological and physical aspects of health. You will learn to assess a wide variety of factors contributing to someone’s state of health, including: life-style habits, emotional stresses, allergies, food, chemical and environmental sensitivities. You will study how to identify non-toxic and affordable homeopathic remedies known to be most effective in restoring health from the inside out.

Learn how to treat your family with homeopathy

Are you interested in using homeopathy to improve health care for you and your family? This course will give you the flexibility to study homeopathy within the demands of your busy life. You will be able to to set your own pace while studying with the guidance of a nationally certified homeopath. Read More…

Become a certified homeopathic practitioner

If you are interested in becoming a professional homeopath, the completion of this program will give you the qualifications to enter the profession as an independent practitioner of classical homeopathy. If you are working in  healthcare and would like to expand your expertise with homeopathy, this program will provide you with a professional level of homeopathic skill to add to your practice. Read More…

Enhance your practice with advanced
clinical studies

You are eligible to take this program If you have acquired documented 500 hours of homeopathic study, or graduated from a 500-hour program of Classical Homeopathy. This program also prepares you for national certification with the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) and fulfills the clinical hour requirement for the CHC. Read More…

I love combining homeopathy and Chinese medicine in my practice.  Both of these holistic modalities look at the person on multiple levels, and both focus on working with the vital force (Qi in Chinese medicine) to bring about healing.  The symptoms are viewed as signs of imbalance in the body that point to the medicine that needs to be used.  I can’t imagine practicing without both of these tools.  Both modalities are complete in themselves, but I have found that acupuncture and herbs help me balance and support the organs and organ systems in the body, while homeopathy excels at treating the emotional layers involved in disease.
Elizabeth AstorHSI-graduate, L.Ac, CCH, CHom., Dipl. OM, MSOM